Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Artwork and Artists Make Park West Event Special

We are ever so thankful for your providing us the opportunity to stay at the Biltmore during the VIP event to see what it really is like. As you know, we have been there for your dinner/auction events, but never stayed overnight. It was a real treat! All events were fun and we met some really wonderful people, plus the artists, Dominic Pangborn and Simon Bull.

Amore by NoahLord knows there was plenty of good food and drink. The "Dueling Pianos" was a fun event and something we had never experienced before. There were people of all ages and backgrounds. All of the children attending were wonderfully behaved or kept busy so as not to get bored and be a bother. The hotel had a "Dive-In" Movie on Friday night at the big pool. We had seen the movie, but it was still neat to see it projected on a big screen over the pool, suspended between the palm trees!

I used my camcorder while the artist, Simon Bull, gave us a demonstration of his painting. He is very entertaining. We met the people who live here in town that bought his demonstration painting and provided them with the footage of his painting. We enjoyed the artwork of the new artists you have added to your collection.

EJ assisted us from the "phone call invitation/set-up," all the way through the final minute before we left the Biltmore. Your Art Auctioneer and all the assistants in front of and behind the scenes were great!

Thanks again for this enjoyable weekend,

Suzanne & Wayne H.
Scottsdale, AZ

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