Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Art Auctioneers Make Cruise Memorable

We love to hear about all of the exception service Park West customers receive from the Art Auctioneers during their cruise art auctions!

Park West Galleries can be found on a variety of cruise ships, and they offer passengers a unique opportunity to view and collect artworks from a multitude of artists. Next time you find yourself cruising, check out the Park West Gallery Collection of artwork onboard.

Csaba Markus. Acropolis Urania.
"The Art Gallery staff on the Norwegian Gem was outstanding. I have been to several art auctions in the past and was always satisfied with the service I got but this time they went above what was necessary to do their job. They were really informative and made you feel like you were making a purchase from an old friend.

This was the first time my husband had been to an art auction and he was quite skeptical in the beginning. They not only won him over but he made several purchases on his own. I would really like to thank them for making our cruise one to remember."


Peggy H.
Waterloo, IN


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