Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Park West Gallery Fine Art Auction

Popism #2 - Bright Future. Dominic Pangborn.
I wanted to take the time to inform you of the event here in Kansas City. My wife and I attended a land auction weekend held at Hyatt Regency Crown Center, Kansas City.

Park West provided our room, meals, and entertainment. Artists Marko Mavrovich & Dominic Pangborn were on site.

This was by far the best art weekend we have ever experienced. The staff including our contact, Simon Lindner, to EJ, Dave, & a fantastic auctioneer, were all great. Not only were they polite and professional, but very personable and seemed genuinely interested in being sure we enjoyed our time with Park West.

We acquired 3 new pieces for our collection. What made the weekend even more special was our need to bring our daughter with us and Park West's effort to accommodate. She loves art and hopes to pursue it in the future so this was a great way to allow her to have a weekend of it. Both artists made a real effort to visit with her and she even got a hand-signed scarf from Mr. Pangborn.

I just can't tell you how good we felt during the entire event and wanted to be sure the management and owner know everything possible was done to show your commitment to our satisfaction and sense of value as customers.

Best Regards,

Rob L.
Overland Park, Kansas

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