Monday, August 10, 2009

Art Auctioneers Educate at Park West Auction

Dear Park West Gallery:

Peter Max. Roseville Series: Roseville Profile Detail Ver. IV #82. 2007. A unique work. From the collection of the artist.I wanted to let you know what a great time we had with Chris Lindsay and Angie. They made it so much fun to go to the auctions. I had never been to an auction before and wouldn't have gone except that Chris was giving out some raffle tickets at another function on the ship.

I ended up with a winning ticket and went to the auction with my wife. What a blast! We ended up going to the next auction too.

After asking tons of questions and getting the answers in such a friendly manner, no matter how stupid we seemed (my art knowledge was the dogs playing poker) we ended up with 3 Krasnyansky's, 3 Marcus Glenn's, the entire free collection for winning, bonuses, etc. and a Peter Max. I would have never gone if I had not won the first Krasnyansky. They both went way above and beyond to help us and educate us. It was truly a pleasure meeting them.

Thank you,

Steve & Rose W.
Omaha, Nebraska

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