Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cruising with Park West at Sea…

We strive to make your experiences with Park West at sea as enriching and enjoyable as possible. In addition to experiencing the Park West Gallery Art Collection and the Park West artists, it is our hope that you will also meet wonderful new friends along the way. Please keep sharing your latest Park West stories with us.

Park West Gallery:

A Day at the Salon with Sue #7. Itzchak Tarkay.Thank you for inviting us to another Park West VIP event. It’s always a joy spending time and being part of the Park West family. We had a wonderful and enjoyable time throughout the entire trip.

The high level of creative energy among the Park West staff, as well as their personal pride in what they do, is always obvious and very gratifying.

In addition to the Alaskan cruise experience, the beautiful scenery, and all the delicious dinners, the Park West cocktail parties and auctions were excellent and so much fun. As always, they are intellectually stimulating allowing one to embrace aspects of economic, social and political history, and philosophy in addition to the consideration of many view points and theories. Many of the presented works of art by Park West, whether modern or classical, show me immense depth, variety, complexity and ingenuity.

Once again, thank you and take care.

Adel & Rose K.
Sterling Heights, MI

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