Thursday, October 1, 2009

It was a wonderful cruise…

Below is a letter to Park West Gallery Director Morris Shapiro. The recent VIP Alaskan cruise was a big hit with the Park West collectors onboard. The Art Auctioneers were great, artists were onboard, and the Park West Gallery Art Collection was well received by all. Please let us know about your experiences with Park West at sea.

Dear Morris & Staff,

Divine Comedy. Purgatory 31. Salvador Dali.We would like to say thank you to you and the staff that welcomed us to the Alaska cruise. You could not have been more cordial. It was a wonderful cruise enhanced by your staff’s direct involvement. We hope you will pass on our appreciation. They were so much a part of making our cruise memorable.

It also was a real education for the differences in a cruise auction and the VIP auctions. We were fascinated to see all the Master works you showed us and hope, in the future, to be in a position to get the Destino or Dali trilogy. As of yet we have not received our Krasnyansky, but we are sure it is on the way.

With the hope that Park West will think of us again in some future endeavor, we remain thankful for this experience. With a special thanks to you, we hope we will see you again soon.

Good thoughts,

Jane & Thom H.

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