Monday, October 5, 2009

Park West Artwork to Remember Our Cruises…

Cruise Ship Art Auctioneers strive to make cruising with Park West at sea an enjoyable, exciting experience for all. It is always wonderful to hear about someone’s first experiences with the Park West Gallery Fine Art Collection – and of course we love hearing from our seasoned collectors as well!

Dear Park West Gallery:

My name is Carol and in May 2009 my sister Donna and I cruised on Royal Caribbean's Monarch of the Seas to the Bahamas. This was my 1st cruise, and my sister’s 3rd cruise. I had never been to an art auction before, but I am an art enthusiast. My sister also had never attended an art auction and only went because I wanted to go.

Shimmering by Igor Medvedev.I had visited the gallery on the ship and spoke with Yevgeny about the serigraph on canvas by Igor Medvedev titled Shimmering; I fell in love with it. Yevgeny signed me up for the auction. The auction information and my number were delivered to my cabin along with a Park West catalogue of the some of the artist’s works.

I did purchase Shimmering as well as a Krasnyansky and an Erte bronze medallion. My sister purchased a Krasnyansky and two Erte bronze medallions. The art all arrived safely and beautifully framed.

My sister, her husband, and 3 other couples are booked for a Mediterranean cruise in October 2010. My sister has caught the art bug and intends on purchasing a Fanch Ledan work of art on the cruise; it is one we saw on the Monarch of the Seas. This will be our way of remembering each cruise. She was also looking forward to finding a Medvedev - his landscapes are beautiful. We especially liked the way he does light and shadows.

In closing Derek and Yevgeny were very helpful and informative. The auction was a lot of fun. We are both extremely pleased with our art.


Carol R.

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