Friday, February 19, 2010

Great Meeting Park West Galleries Artists

Park West Gallery strives to create memorable experiences for the collectors who join us for our Cruise Art Auctions as well as our land-based events. Of course we would like to help you add some wonderful artwork to your collections, but it is equally important to us that you walk away with a better understanding of art – and that you meet some great people too!

Susan and I would like to thank Park West for the weekend at the Hyatt in Richardson, Texas. Starting with the invitation we received from EJ, the customer service we received from your staff was above reproach. Rob the auctioneer was not only informative but was very successful in making everyone feel at ease. The schedule was just right as far as the splits between preview, auction, and fun! The questions from all were answered professionally and with expertise. I would also take this opportunity to compliment the rest of the staff! They were wonderful and check-out was very smooth!

Molten Rock. Dominic Pangborn.
The artists that you brought were absolutely wonderful!!! Hua Chen and his wife Maggie were wonderful and we enjoyed being able to meet with them and hear the inspiration for his work! Dominic Pangborn is we believe, a genius. His new art....AIM we immediately bought! Having the artists there and able to speak with us made buying decisions easier!

Thanks again for a wonderful and we look forward to another invitation!


John & Susan W.
Frisco, TX


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