Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Taking Artwork Collection to the Next Level

Park West Gallery strives to create memorable experiences for the collectors who join us for our Cruise Art Auctions as well as our land-based events. Of course we would like to help you add some wonderful artwork to your collections, but it is equally important to us that you walk away with a better understanding of art – and that you meet some great people too!

Julia and I have just returned from our first land auction in Dallas, Texas. We appreciate the opportunity to participate in moving our collecting to the next level. I wish to express our sincere thanks for the amenities provided but in particular the assistance that was provided by Abigail in answering all our inquiries, helping us with our selections and the efficiency in handling our departure. Robert's explanations were not only informative but very educational all of which added to our experience.

Wool Gathering. Hua Chen.
The most important aspect of our first auction was the artists themselves. Both Mr. Chen and Mr. Pangborn not only added to the prestige of the event but to the pieces we purchased. Their personal interaction was so sincere and genuine that words could not express our pleasure in their willingness to associate with every patron at the auction. Having attended events with other prestigious individuals I found their warmth and interest in us not only genuine but equal to our interest in their backgrounds, both personally as well as their artistic pursuits. It made the auction for us.

We hope you will share our thanks to Hua, his lovely wife Maggie and Dominic for making our first event so memorable and to those Park West auction personnel for having provided this opportunity.


Gerald Y.
Longview, TX

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