Friday, July 2, 2010

Long Time Park West Customer Talks Up Experience

Whether you join us for one of our land-based art auctions held throughout the United States, participate in our cruise art auctions, or visit us in our Michigan or Florida galleries, Park West Gallery will strive to make your experience truly memorable. The Art Auctioneers you will come across during your time with us are some of the very best in the business; they can help you build a unique art collection you will cherish for a lifetime.

Mr. Scaglione & Dave Teeman:

This letter is to memorialize the conversation that I had with Dave Teeman yesterday, May 16, 2010. I certainly appreciate the time that Dave afforded me, and I believe we had a wonderful conversation and exchange of ideas.

I want to share with you a few of my experiences and this is basically because very few people want to talk about the good; it is so much easier to complain and dwell on the bad.

Our Pledge, Alfred Gockel, Park West GalleryI have cruised probably 25 trips to the Caribbean, Mediterranean and northern Europe in addition to attending two Park West Gallery (“PWG”) land events this February and April, 2010. For as long as I can remember, people on the ships have always and every time asked me, “do you think this art is the real stuff? or is it really by a particular artist, are they just prints, and could I buy it any other place for a less price,” and so forth. This isn’t just one or two times during the seven or ten day trips – it is every day and when people see me around the ship, they ask me “aren’t you the lady who buys all the art?” They again ask me my opinion, what have I purchased, are the art auctioneers really trained or is it because they do these events so often it becomes second nature. I love engaging in conversations with people about my views and purchases, and the auctioneers have asked me to come forward and share some of my experiences with the attendees.

This is basically what I tell them: You see, a company that has been in business for as long as PWG (and now over 40 years), that has art galleries/auctions on just about every cruise line in the world, that has a gallery in Michigan which is home to hundreds of thousands of pieces of art, that has a full entourage of experts who authenticate the work and prepare the appraisals, and where I get the opportunity to meet artists who have had works of art in galleries throughout the worlds, internationally acclaimed, is precisely from whom I am going to buy. “If I am a RETURN BUYER, I am a SATISFIED BUYER!!!!”

When I was returning to Alabama from the event in Greenwich, a limo that had seven people picked me up at the hotel and we were all headed to LaGuardia. In the 45-minute ride, they very well noticed my southern accent or the fact that I didn’t have a NY accent and wanted to know why I was visiting the northeast. I told them I have a commercial design degree, art is my passion, that I was a guest of Park West Gallery for an art auction, and I had visited the studio of and met Peter Max. They were envious and wanted more details.

My marketing skills really kicked in at that point and it gave me not only the opportunity to talk about your company, but how I learned about PWG.

After the Rain, Dominic Pangborn, Park West GalleryA huge attraction for me, and what I decided to buy, is meeting people like Noah, Dominic and Leslie Lew. The way these artists mingle with the customers is truly amazing, and seeing their works early on in the four-day event is of major importance to me. At the Atlanta event, I casually browsed Thursday evening and Friday morning but once I met Noah, it changed my buying strategy altogether. His Halogram was shown early in the event and I knew I was going to spend over $5000 for one. Because of the snowstorm, Dominic didn’t arrive until Friday afternoon, but once I met him, I had the same feeling. If the Magritte AIM could have been shown as early as Saturday morning between breakfast and the auction, or even introduced at auction, it would have given people an opportunity to think about spending another minimum of $5,000. Since the AIM was not unveiled until Saturday night, I believe that lateness made a huge difference to so many people who really had to pass up buying this incredibly unique creation. In Greenwich, I bought 4 originals; 2 Peter Max, a Pangborn Poppies, and Gockel. If I would have seen Dominic’s newest AIM on Saturday morning or even the day before, I believe it would now be hanging in my home.

In today’s market, it is apparent to me that people come to these events with a predetermined notion about how they will spend their dollars. Getting the higher end pieces out early and meeting the invited artists the first night would be my request. I do love surprises but I really enjoyed getting to know these wonderful people and owning a creation from their soul.

I cannot tell you how much I enjoy the land events and I certainly hope PWG will continue to invite me. You have the best of the best with your auctioneer Rob and his assistants!! I would love to be the person who rallies the crowd and gets them energized and invigorated. Please let me know if there is anything I can do as a customer to help PWG with marketing.

With kind regards,

Sydney Anne G.
Prattville, AL


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