Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Testimonial on Park West Excellent Customer Service

Park West Gallery prides itself on providing clients with excellent customer service. No matter what you’re looking for, give us a call, and we’ll try our best to accommodate your needs. Please feel free to contact a Gallery Sales representative today! Enjoy the following letter from one of our many satisfied customers.
Dear Ms. Hershberger:

I’m writing you to specifically compliment Angela W., and to compliment all Park West representatives in general that I’ve been fortunate enough to encounter in one way or another.

In early April, while on a short Carnival Elation cruise from San Diego I had the opportunity to purchase a few items of artwork at a couple of your cruise auctions. My interactions with your shipboard representatives were delightful; they were each very friendly, helpful and professional. Although my purchases hadn’t amounted to much of an expenditure in the grand scheme of things, they made it easy for me to feel I had cultivated “friends’ rather than sales consultants.

Since that experience I and my wife have needed the services of Angela to help us with a few concerns and changes. I’ve needed to return a slightly damaged print, and I asked that a replacement be framed (contrary to my original desires). Upon receipt of another framed print, my wife was unhappy with the size of the frame and the shade of gold color on the frame. She asked for help from Angela. Throughout these interactions, whether through email or telephone communication, Angela has been the finest example of customer service. Her responses are quick, immediately helpful, and always friendly, yet professional. If only other businesses we encounter each day could learn from you folks at Park West, the world would be full of a lot more happy customers.

Please convey our appreciation to Ms. W. for her excellent service. She makes me want to buy a bigger home so I have more room to place more artwork purchases from Park West.

Michael H.
Pleasant Hill, CA

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