Thursday, July 15, 2010

Park West Artist Pangborn Praised by Collectors

Whether you join us for one of our land-based art auctions held throughout the United States, participate in our cruise art auctions, or visit us in our Michigan or Florida galleries, Park West Gallery will strive to make your experience truly memorable. The Art Auctioneers you will come across during your time with us are some of the very best in the business; they can help you build a unique art collection you will cherish for a lifetime.

Dominic Pangborn
Magritte-Art in Motion Series
Park West Gallery Collection
Dear Park West Gallery Director,

There are times in one’s life that if you are lucky you may come by something or someone who is truly extraordinary. My wife and I have had that opportunity to meet someone who is just that. At a recent Park West Art show earlier in the year, Park West had two live artists at the show. That is when we met Marco Mavrovich and Dominic Pangborn.

Dominic Pangborn is the type of person who comes along once in a lifetime if you are lucky. The type of person who you can warm up to and truly appreciate his works of art which are endless in beauty and innovation along with his personality. You would not know by talking with him that he is a world famous artist unless of course you were specifically talking about ‘art’. In a very short time, my wife and I became friends with Dominic and saw him as a fine “human being” who is very powerful in his works of art and is sensitive to the communities around him and always finds ways to give back as the humanitarian he is. This is evident by viewing and taking a minute to hear him speak about his art the idea, his passion, his vision behind the art and why he chose or represented the piece the way he did.

Art lovers, art collectors, neck tie aficionados – Dominic Pangborn is an artist in our lifetime to be reckoned with! Park West, we would like to thank you for having artists like Dominic and Marco at the land auctions so we can meet these world famous artists and to first-hand hear them express their works of art which we found to be very valuable.

We proudly display works of art from Dominic Pangborn to include the “evolutionary” Art In Motion – AIM piece.

Sincerely yours,

George & Mago Nosko
Louisville, KY

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