Thursday, July 1, 2010

Customers Thank PWG for Golden Opportunity

Park West Gallery strives to create memorable experiences for those who join us for our Cruise Art Auctions as well as our land-based events. Of course we would like to help you add some wonderful artwork to your collections but it is equally important to us that you walk away with a better understanding of art – and that you meet some great people too!

Les Feux de l'Ete. Linda LeKinff. Park West Gallery
Park West, Marc, Maury, et. al.:

You never cease to amaze us. Again, you pulled out all the stops by providing us with another memorable VIP event. After six Park West cruises, eleven land auctions, two VIP events and the opportunity to meet five world-famous artists, is there any other way you can impress us? Your May 2010 VIP event in DC was just another example of why we are convinced that Park West is a "class act." Giving us the opportunity to add Picasso and Goya to our collection was 'Golden.'

Many thanks to Chris Lindsey, Megan, Tiffany, Lindsey and Dustin.


Ron M. and Christy B.
Arlington, VA

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