Friday, December 3, 2010

Thank You for the Gift of Art

"Albert, Dominic, Cara, and Rob,

Rex and I would like to thank you for the wonderful time we had at Sunriver VIP event. The kindnesses and generosity of Park West Gallery CARES has been overwhelming for our high school Art teacher and students. They will be able to study Art right in their classroom instead of going on expensive trips out of town. The art pieces and books will be used for years to come.

Rob, good to your word, you got Dominic to Oregon and Winston!! Thank you.

Albert, thanks for embracing our Art cause in our community, and heartfelt words for Rex at Sunriver.

Cara, thanks for organizing this donation event and representing Park West Gallery in our community.

Dominic, no words can express our thanks for everything you have done for us and our community. The 'Rainbow Tiger' will proudly watch over the Community Center entrance. The new logo of the cheetah looking through the trees shows how the City has grown-up. Taini, the ambassador cheetah from the Safari has never looked better wearing your tie.

Park West Gallery has shown that people still care about what is important in life, helping others to better themselves. Giving money is temporary, but the gift of art is long lasting and can move the very soul.

Thank you again for all your efforts in making this a reality!!!!"

Mayor Rex and Gail Stevens
Winston, Oregon
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