Friday, December 10, 2010

An Unforgettable Park West Gallery Cruise Art Auction Experience

Alexander Chen, Park West Gallery Fine Art Collection, cruise art auctions
"Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics" by Alexander Chen | Park West Gallery Collection
Dear Park West Gallery...

"My family went on a Carnival cruise in August 2010 and we were curious about the art auction. We had never been to an auction before. We never planned to buy any artwork but as we looked at the artworks, we were captured by the beauty of the paintings.

At the end of the auction, we bought 14 artworks (Tarkay, Kinkade, Le Kinff, Mavrovich, Gockel, Glenn) and we also won some artworks. My husband liked the 'Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics' by Alexander Chen but we couldn't budget for it. The Art Director made it possible for us to acquire the Beijing Olympics by working around our budget.

We were so happy and couldn't believe that we actually bought so many pieces. We want to thank [the Art Director] for being very professional and very understanding. He made the auction very interesting and we will never forget that experience."

Stephen K.
Flushing, New York

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