Thursday, December 16, 2010

High Praise for Park West Gallery Sales Associates

Victor Spahn, Park West Gallery Fine Art Collection
"Red Sails" by Victor Spahn | Park West Gallery Collection
Dear Park West Gallery...

"I have been working with Angela for several years. I do not know who will read this e-mail, nor do I know if it will be of any interest or help to Park West Gallery, BUT, you have an OUTSTANDING employee in Angela.

I have asked this woman repeatedly, for information, pictures of products, opinions etc. and she has NEVER missed a beat bringing me what I requested. I know that she gets paid, probably on commission, but being in sales myself, I know that sometimes, a client can make you work far harder and longer than what your commission compensates.

Any company can hire a 'body' to do the work at hand, but to employ someone who has the ability to maintain their composure, keep a customer feeling like they are important and get the job done at one time is rare. This is your employee in Angela.

I have no idea if this e-mail will help her in her career. I don't know if it will help Park West Gallery in assessing her as an employee, but I hope that by taking this time, someone will figure out how awesome this lady is to a company.

I have never met her, but, I believe what she tells me concerning your products. How valuable is a person to a company that evokes a sense of trust in its clients?

I have asked Angela to send this e-mail on to her supervisor so that it will find it's way to the desk of those who evaluate an employee's worth. Trust me, she is valuable!"

Patricia B.
Cape Coral, Florida

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  1. My daughter Kayla and I just returned from the Norwegian Sky and I have to say the staff especially Filip the head auctioneer was exceptional. His knowledge of not only the artists but the pieces and the ereas in which each piece was created was astounding. My 7 year old added another Disney piece to her collection as did I. The PWG crew aboard the Nowegian SKY is a credit to your companny and a must experience for even the most seasoned of collectors


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