Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Park West Gallery Goes Above and Beyond

Park West Gallery fine art collection, Scott Jacobs
"White Oak" by Scott Jacobs | Park West Gallery Collection
Dear Park West Gallery...

"We just came back from an amazing trip to Napa Valley!!! As usual, everything was above and beyond!

Every one of the Park West Gallery staff, crew, etc., made us all feel just like family. The experiences we have had the pleasure of enjoying with you are all such great memories.

It is such a pleasure to know how well you take care of us on the business side also. You continually knock our socks off with the artists we meet and the opportunities you give us. Every time I spend time with Park West Gallery, I bring home so much knowledge about art it just amazes me!!!!

Thank you for sharing your lives and your wealth of knowledge with us. Happy and safe holidays to all."

Terry C. & Tracey S.
Salem, Oregon

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