Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In Appreciation of Park West Gallery

Park West Gallery Fine Art Collection, Linda Le Kinff
Dear Mr. Shapiro,

"I have received my copy of the 2008 limited-edition publication Linda Le Kniff, The Graphic Work, biography and chronology of the artist's life and works, you so generously provided.

The photo-plates and text information were exceedingly well-written and presented. It's a wonderful research study of Mrs. Le Kniff's accomplishments and development of techniques in all media of experimentation to finished compositions.

I've so much enjoyed to this point having simply reviewed the overall chapters. During relaxed moments I look forward to reading cover to cover.

It's been our pleasure to have met her in person at Park West Gallery. We own several original paintings and that famous soccer lithograph, on which Linda executed a drawing with signature on the reverse side, as well as other unique objects acquired during exhibition tours. There's an interesting story behind every item acquired in association with the artist. 

In appreciation and defined acknowledgement of your personal service to us, I thank you. I've always appreciated the dignified and professional manner in which you, in particular, and Park West Gallery staff have interacted with clients over the years.

Wishing you a prosperous and successful New Year."

Ronald & Noreen N.

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