Monday, June 27, 2011

Park West Gallery Sparks NCL Cruise Traveler's Interest in Art

Dear Park West Gallery,

"I recently took a cruise on the Norwegian Epic. My son gave me this trip for my birthday, Mother's Day and retirement present, as I was a Chicago Police Officer for 25 yrs. I have since moved to Sebring, FL.

I’ve never had any interest in the arts ever, so I had no plans to go to the art auction at all. This was until I received an invite to the auction promising me a free work of art for my birthday if I attended one of the auctions. Typical female, if it’s free, I’m there.

As I walked through all the artworks on display, I was approached by one of your auctioneers. I was captivated by his words as he spoke to me about some of the works and artists I was looking at. I was stunned as in those few minutes he aroused in me a thirst for more knowledge on the subject. His enthusiasm was electrifying and contagious as he spoke and people gathered around me to hear what he had to say. Some asked questions about the art and one asked him for pricing on some of the pieces on display. To say he was extremely informative is an understatement.

Later in the cruise, I saw this same auctioneer standing by a Picasso outside the Headliner's Club. They were hosting a competition where we had to guess the price of that piece. By the way, my guess was way off!! There were about eight people gathered around him listening to his every word. I joined to listen and others followed suit.

He was so informative about that piece and how it came to be, why it was signed and the significance of that signature. Every one of us was spellbound by his passion for the arts. None of us wanted to leave. Many questions were asked of him and he really made an impression on all of us there. His attention to details is astounding.

I later saw some of those people at the next auction. He even remembered some of our names. Although I’d never ever had an interest in art at all until then, his enthusiasm was such that these were definitely some of the highlights of my cruise and one of the reasons why I’ll be cruising on Norwegian again to hear more and next time, I plan to budget for the auctions onboard.

After the cruise I actually went to a ‘showing’ at the Art Gallery in Sebring & became a member, all because of the new found interest for the arts that I now have.

Thank you for having such awesome personnel. Your team on the NCL Epic is an asset to your company."

Magali M.
Sebring, Florida

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