Friday, June 17, 2011

Putting a Feather in the Auctioneer's Cap

 Dear Park West Gallery,

"We had the opportunity to sail on the Carnival Spirit for a 12-day cruise commencing on 4/10/11 out of Ensenada, Mexico to the Hawaiian Islands. We purchased artwork at the Park West Gallery.

The lead for Park West Gallery was a gentleman named Peter. We have attended many Park West Gallery auctions aboard cruise ships. Without a doubt, Peter gets our vote for the most congenial, pleasant and well-informed auctioneer

Peter is funny, but not sticky sweet funny; informed, but not a know-it-all; and receptive (but not overly alerted) to peoples’ different tastes in art. In one instance, he worked an assistant’s name into a short phrase from a disco song – very catchy and got the crowd in an 'involved' mood.

Please put a feather in his cap as it is very much deserved. If possible, please pass this along to Peter’s supervisor. Thank you."

Debby and Roger G.
Tucson, Arizona

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