Monday, October 13, 2008

Cheers to Park West Gallery

Park West Gallery recently held a conference for over 100 Plymouth Auctioneering associates, providing services for Park West cruise ship art auctions at sea. The experience was memorable and gave everyone a chance to interact with the artists in attendance - Peter Max, Yaacov Agam, Itzchak Tarkay - just to name a few. Following are the thoughtful comments from some of those lucky to attend:

"Meeting with and interacting with the artists while creating art gave us a sense of the strong connection they have with Park West and we are an essential member of the same team. I felt very fortunate for this and would like to thank the forward thinking team for including us. Cheers.
All the best,

"I thoroughly enjoyed my training. The experience of meeting the artists was awesome and very unexpected which made it easier for me to learn instead of just reading all the info. You can get the feel of their passion and style from watching them paint or give a presentation. The trainers are fantastic. I feel motivated and ready to perform and look forward to boarding my ship.

"I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet with auctioneers from all over the world. The presentations were motivating and inspiring and I really enjoyed listening to Chris, Gordon and Lane. Being able to spend time in the gallery was amazing. Thank you so much!

"I definitely want to take a moment and thank Park West for the opportunity to be a part of the Conference. Best wishes and I'm thrilled to be a part of the Park West family.

"I was taken away by the entire experience of the conference. I feel very fortunate to have been able to be a part of such an amazing event. The opportunity to meet and talk to so many of the artists that Park West represents was truly an experience of a lifetime. To meet so many people that are a part of Park West gave me a much more intimate feeling of the company and how it operates and the amazing people involved in making this company what it is today.

"I learned a lot about the artists that I've met and about all the people that I will have the opportunity to work with in the future. I would like to thank all of you at Park West for giving me this unique opportunity to participate.
Thank you!

"I'd like to say that this entire experience has been phenomenal and I want to thank everybody at Park West for allowing me to learn and experience so much throughout both the training as well as the conference. As a result of the conversations I had with the artists throughout the conference, I feel that I've developed a much deeper understanding of their work and developed a much more personal connection to them as well as their art.
Thank you again,

"Hearing Mr. Scaglione speak and talking one on one with him several times, left me with a profound respect for Park West and inspired me to strong belief in myself and the company. The artist expo experience enabled me to make a personal and emotional connection with the art. I think this will ultimately allow me to provide clients with the highest level of service. Thank you very much for the opportunity and the experience.
Best Regards,

"I would like to thank everyone for giving me this opportunity to not just witness the greatness, but to share and be involved in this event. To have the chance of shaking Peter Max's hand or meeting Tim Yanke, and so many others, was a moment of my life that I will treasure and remember forever.
Yours Truly,

"It has been amazing, everything through our reception, food, meeting the artists to the organization. The gala event was probably one of the highlights of my life and career.

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