Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Boss's Day From the Park West Gallery Customer Service Team!

Misha Lenn, Color Sketch for Dear Diary

In celebration of Boss's Day 2008, the Park West Customer Service team would like to share some thoughts about our wonderful boss, "MG". Thanks for making Park West Gallery a great place to work! We love you!

> MG is a great boss; dedicated to us & the customer. She is always encouraging, and I feel lucky to have a boss like her. ~EH

> MG is the most personable and genuine boss I've ever had. She always balances professionalism with fun perfectly. Thanks for making Park West a great place to work! ~LW

> MG is great to work for because she realizes we are all human and takes the time to get to know us. She's like a mother hen in a good way! ~KS

> MG is the best boss. She is caring and supportive of her staff. She makes a point of taking care of us. She is a problem solver and she gets things done. ~SS

> MG is one of the best managers I have ever worked for, she is compassionate, understanding and so very fair in everything she does. She watches out for all of us like we were her children. God Bless MG!!!! Happy Bosses Day!!!! ~CB

> MG is very easy going, easy to work with and makes working here more enjoyable because she treats us like her children. She always makes sure everything is good for us in our working environment. ~JC

> MG is the best boss I've ever had--she's easy to talk to--understanding. In the middle of any stress or drama she makes it a little more fun to work here--she keeps us entertained. ~CK

> At Park West, we don’t just celebrate Bosses Week from Oct 12 – 18 we celebrate it 52 weeks a year. Our boss, lovingly known as MG, is the greatest. Everyone who knows her loves her, gallery staff, auctioneers, associates, vendors, artists and guests; she’s like a magnet, ready to back you up, help you out, pass along a good word or just give you a hug. She’s like the amazing energizer bunny on heels, still going strong after 10 years with Park West. Having worked with her for 5 years I am extremely grateful to have her as a boss, associate and friend. ~MC

> MG is the fashionista of Park West. ~JK

> MG is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. MG always worries over us, making sure everything is ok. She is your mom away from home. ~KK

> Thanks to MG in my life a new element is art, which inspires me everyday visually and mentally; art was not involved in my past, but since the day that MG met me and open the doors of the Gallery to me, I discovered a whole new world. She gave me confidence and support and even on the worst days, I don't feel uncomfortable because her smile makes my day bright. ~MAC

> MG is the mother bear of our Customer Service den. She keeps all of us together with her kindness, understanding and discipline. We love and respect her very much. ~LM

> MG makes the day with a funny story to start each morning. She is a wonderful boss, always willing to work with us in any situation. She is very easy to approach and shows concern. And she is so energetic, I'm glad to have her as my boss. ~PJ

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