Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Park West VIP Guests Enjoy Their Latest Cruise

Dear Park West Gallery:

Words can not express how happy we are, make that ecstatic, over our recent experience with the Park West Gallery VIP Cruise you gifted us with!

First of all, we felt like kings and queens during the entire time we spent with your staff! From the Hyatt Hotel and the Italian dinner to the balcony stateroom aboard the Explorer, to the excursion to St. John, to the pre parties and the auctions themselves, all the way to the processing through customs and delivery to our final destination, we could not have experienced better planning and efficiency. Every detail was thought out and provided for.

Even though the ship was beautiful and the islands a treat to see, the highlight of the entire experience was spending time with your intelligent, knowledgeable, well trained staff during the auctions and lectures. This was the highlight of our day and what we looked forward to every day!

Chris Lindsay was an excellent art auctioneer and educator. He brought in-depth knowledge to each and every presentation and delivered it with great style. The hours flew by listening to him and we were ready to stay and listen some more!

Simon always seemed to have things under control and was always patient and willing to help us, both with information about the artwork in the gallery and the art world in general.

Adam and Sebelle had unlimited energy and social skills right along with their great knowledge of each and every artist and their work. They had the ability to educate us about every piece we asked about and take it one step above the norm. They never pressured us to buy; they just shared every aspect about a piece so we could make informed choices. Even when we were not actively participating in the auction they had a smile, a greeting or a pat on the back for us. We felt that they really cared that we learn about art, acquire what was best for our collection, and have a wonderful time doing it.

Rebecca was the dynamo behind the scenes. She was always willing to discuss financing and payment options with us and always made us feel welcome, even if she had other things to see to. We smile over our favorite interaction with her when the bus driver at the end of the cruise told us we couldn't get on the bus and she took charge and handled the situation in the true spirit of a bulldog, and all with a smile on her face.

The collection of art on board was outstanding! There was something for every taste and budget. Our dream was to purchase our first signed Picasso, which we accomplished. Not only are we now the care takers of this fine work, but we have the entire history and background of its creation thanks to Chris, Adam and Sebelle. We purchased beautiful surprises also and can hardly wait until we have our gorgeous Mouly oil, our lovely Tarkay watercolor and our whimsical Markos acrylic all hanging in our home.

Thank you so much Jin for the invitation to be a part of this outstanding experience! We both feel this was the very best vacation we have ever taken together. Our travel companions were all friendly and had similar interests and provided lovely dinner company. We now have 50 new 'best friends' as well as terrific memories and gorgeous art.

Thank you all for ten days we will never forget!

Very sincerely,

Alan and Victoria
Tacoma, WA

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