Monday, May 4, 2009

Customer Corner: Park West Gallery VIP Guests Reflect

Words cannot begin to express my thanks for being a part of the Norwegian Dawn – Park West VIP Cruise. I was not sure what to expect. Park West was reassuring and understanding of my doubt and made me feel totally comfortable to say yes, when my nature was to say no. Everyone from the limo driver to the hotel staff, cruise staff and especially your staff were professional and enthusiastic. The accommodations met and exceeded my expectations.

Most impressively, I opened myself up to a new style of art. At the start of the trip, I never would have believed I would become so passionate about the works I purchased on the trip. I even surprised my son.

I met some wonderful people and the art was terrific. Best of all I have some memories and new art to cherish.

Thank you for a fabulous week,

Leslie L.
Lake In The Hills, IL


Both Nancy and I wanted to express our appreciation for being invited to the VIP cruise on board the Norwegian Dawn from April 18-25. We were able to share some good times, laughs, and exchange experiences with the fantastic group of VIP guests gathered for this cruise. We are certain that we will remain in touch with many of them for a very long time.

As for the guest artists selected for this cruise, what a fantastic experience! Tim Yanke, Noah, Nano, and although not part of our group, Jerry Blank. What a group of talented artists, and their personalities made us feel as if we had know them forever. Although we were not sure if we were going to acquire new art on this cruise, meeting and listening to these artists certainly changed our minds in a hurry.

Noah's art is simply out of this world, and we certainly look forward to obtaining more of his art in the future. As for Tim's work, although we were never big fans of abstract work, listening and spending time with him, and seeing him at work certainly gave us an immediate appreciation for his work. As soon as we saw Nano's work, we knew it would just be a matter of time before we would acquire one of his pieces. We obtained one of his cats in memory of our recently departed cat named Leo, but I can see us getting more of his sculptures in the future.

As for the Park West Gallery staff hosting this event, all we can say is that you were all great!!! From our first contact with you, to your expert assistance in helping us with our art selection, we really appreciate every bit of time spent with us in that process.

Again, our sincere thanks to you, the entire auctioneer staff on board, and to Park West Gallery for this opportunity of a lifetime.

Gary & Nancy C.
Hialeah, FL

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