Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blown Away by Park West Gallery Art Event

Tropical Breeze. Dominic Pangborn. Park West Gallery.
I would just like to say that I and my daughter-in-law were blown away by the past weekend's events!!

Please forward to all at Park West Gallery that I would personally testify to anyone that the event was more than we could have possibly imagined.

We started with the majesty of the Rocky Mountains, scenery, the SNOW Storm in May and ended with the incredible mountain range views as we made our way back to the Denver Airport.

Poppies: Red on Blue. Dominic Pangborn. Park West Gallery.The staff at the Park Hyatt Hotel were gracious, helpful and welcoming. The quiet off season was at first odd, but we came to welcome the personal touches that a relaxed schedule and staff adds to the enjoyment. If there was anything wrong, we were not aware of it because of the top notch Park West staff.

Rob, Carolina, Jason, Seth, Meghan and (dear) Oscar worked so hard to keep us entertained, served, and interested. I could not say enough about their kindness, good nature, attention to detail, friendly and professional demeanors!! (On Saturday Night we even dedicated the pop song Control to Rob - which he took in good humor.) All worked so well together as a team and Rob was just a delight with his own style in "running the show."

The selections were oh so beautiful, interesting, and made even more so by the narratives by our head auctioneer Rob.

Thank you so much for the ARTISTS. Mr. Dominic Pangborn was just outstanding, gracious, interactive and his wonderful self! It was so good to be able to reconnect with him and see what was new in the "World of Pangborn." Please thank Mrs. Pangborn for putting up with "Us Fans."

40 Licks #19 (It's all Over Now). Tim Yanke. Park West Gallery.Mr. Tim Yanke was INCREDIBLE.... I did not know of him or his works coming in on Thursday, but by the time we left on Sunday, I was a true fan! I made my first purchase and am hungry for more Yanke pieces. Please thank Mrs. Yanke for putting up with "Us Fans."

Both gentlemen gave us so much attention, insight and information as well as inspiration that I/we could not have asked for more. They talked to all who cared, took pictures, and made special gestures to those of us that truly constituted going the "extra mile."

We hated to leave, but did so totally energized and thoroughly happy. I am still reliving my special time and truly feel privileged to have received this special invitation.

Again, thank you so much.

Deborah W.
Severn, MD

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