Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Knowledgeable Art Auctioneers Impress Collectors

The Art Auctioneers running the Park West Gallery Cruise Art Auctions onboard cruise ships around the world enjoy helping first-time collectors and seasoned collectors alike in acquiring the prefect artworks for their personal collections. Next time you find yourself cruising, be sure to find the Art Auctioneers and check out the Park West Art Collection onboard.

Patriotic Series: Full Liberty with 4 Liberty Heads. Peter Max.There were six of us on the cruise (Celebrity Millennium) and we went to the art auction. Four of us have never purchased any art in the past. We had no plans to purchase until we met Martin and Roxanna. They were both very pleasant and very knowledgeable and in the two weeks taught us so much about the differences between lithographs, serigraphs and canvas and embellishing etc.

We learned quite a bit about the different artists and we took an interest in all of that and because of their time and patience, all three couples purchased a substantial amount of art. We all have to admit that had it not been for Martin & Roxanna we may not have purchased any art. Working with Martin & Roxanna were Sarah & Jessica. They were both very pleasant and were willing to help us when they could, as they are still learning the business and are a good asset for your company.

We have travelled on cruises in the past, but have to say your art department on this ship is to be commended for the way they worked together and made our first art purchases so exciting and we cannot wait to receive our pictures. We can not find a bad thing to say about Martin, Roxanna, Sarah & Jessica other than we hope they are on our next cruise.

We just wanted to let Park West know that the four of them are definitely an asset to your company. We did build a personal friendship with the four of them and will have fond memories of them when we look at our pictures. Thanks again to the four mentioned above.

Pat & Howie W.
Sun Lakes, AZ

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