Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wonderful Weekend with Park West Gallery

Park West Gallery strives to create memorable experiences for those who join us for our Cruise Art Auctions as well as our land-based events. Of course we would like to help you add some wonderful artwork to your collections, but it is equally important to us that you walk away with a better understanding of art – and that you meet some great people too!

Hi Tiffany,

Love Floats. Dominic Pangborn.Just wanted to let you know how much Larry and I appreciate the wonderful time that you arranged for us at the Hyatt in Tampa this past weekend. What a delight it was. Wonderful company, great food, and wonderful ART.

Dominic was so interesting to talk with and having lunch with him several times was a treat. Know we will enjoy the beautiful Blue Poppies he had just done. Will be hanging it on my bedroom wall so that I will see it first thing in the morning. Enjoyed Marko too. So much skill - was great watching him create works as we watched.

What a fun time was had by all at the Gambling Night on the Town. I had never played craps and TRex made it so much fun. He is a darling kid and of all the most helpful, with knowledge of everything about ART. He was great and Larry and I appreciated him helping us at check out so much and of course you too.

Printemps au Jonquilles. Emile Bellet.Our wonderful English sort of speaking auctioneer was the BEST! Loved his 5ish and 10ish time frames. He too was very helpful and knowledgeable about all things. Plus friendly and enjoyed hearing about his family. "Jewelry Boy" or JB as we called him was a big help in getting Larry to buy me my beautiful Opal and Diamond ring.

Be sure and tell all the staff what a WONDERFUL time we had. You made it all possible though, your arrangements for us were perfect. Was a pleasure getting to meet you and put a pretty face with the voice on the phone. Thank you doesn't cover it, but our appreciation and thanks to all of you come with this. Please be sure to send this on. Our best wishes to you and all the staff of Park West.


Julia & Larry B.
Sarasota, FL


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