Monday, May 10, 2010

Park West Provides Excellent Customer Service

The Park West Customer Service Representatives are some of the best in the business. Always willing to go the extra mile so their customers can thoroughly enjoy the artwork they have collected for a lifetime, the customer service representatives at Park West Gallery receive many thank you letters each week. Please enjoy the letter below, and remember that friendly, knowledgeable Park West customer service representatives are always just a phone call away!

Dear Tabatha,

Colle Bleu. Linda Le Kinff. Park West Gallery.Thank you and Mr. Shapiro for extending such an effort on our behalf in executing the updated appraisals on the paintings. My wife and I have enjoyed our client relationship with Park West since 1972.

Park West is indeed a land mark institution in Michigan, providing many of the most interesting exhibitions & talented artists over these past 40 plus years. We commonly visit the gallery with friends, enjoy the serenity of the premises as well as review the latest works of art. Mr. Shapiro has assisted us in acquiring many of the finest original paintings by the best of featured Artists as well as Golkar, Tarkay, Le Kinff, Escher, Calder.

Thank you again for your service to us,

Ronald N.
Commerce, MI


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