Monday, May 24, 2010

Park West Collectors Meet Dominic Pangborn

An instant favorite of Park West collectors since joining the Park West Gallery family of artists, Dominic Pangborn’s works can be found in prominent collections the world over. His passion for creating outstanding artworks is only matched by his passion for his philanthropic endeavors.

My husband and I met Dominic Pangborn in January 2010 at the VIP event in San Francisco. After meeting, talking and learning about his life story, my description of him is that he is a shining example of the American Dream, come true. He is warm, sincere and very giving. The more one gets to know him and see his art, one can see and feel his genius and emotion.

All Good Things - Art in Motion Series. Dominic Pangborn.
We have only heard about his new 3-D Art In Motion, and are anxious to see it in person. We are enjoying the pieces of his works in our home. Dominic is a unique and dynamic person who has touched many people's lives with his warm heart, intellect, artistic accomplishments and his charities.

Gail S.
Winston, OR

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  1. We attended an event in Orlando Fl in March 2011 and had the distinct pleasure of meeting three artists. Goekel, LeDan and Dominic Pangborn. The experience was out of this world. To get the story and how they create the art and the passion that drives them. We still talk about it at home and tell all our friends. Park Gallery are very professional and helpful at this event. Thanks again for including us at this event.


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